2017 Ford Atlas Release Date and Prices

2017 Ford Atlas Release Date and Prices – One of the most awaited products of this year could be the 2017 Ford Atlas truck. The pickup truck that Ford is baiting for such a long time might finally get a release this year. The model has made a debut as a concept model back in 2013 and has since that time been on a hiatus as we had been expecting a production version for a time that is long take place. Because it appears now the teasers and the pokes that individuals happen getting for several these years never have gone to waste as the planed model with finally appear. Using the release date nevertheless not within the written books formally, we do have enough methods to offer a review and explain exactly what the car is going to be about.

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Immediately after its debut as a concept model the Atlas attracted attention that is much the platform it utilizes and the brand new and revolutionary components integrated into its design. The thing that was a move that is revolutionary their part is the lightweight platform which has really already made a name for it self but on various automobiles. If you are a fan of Ford than you already know that the already renowned F-150 model has taken a full page from the Atlas’ book and introduced the lightweight body into its concept.

2017 Ford Atlas Exterior

The exterior design for the 2017 Ford Atlas could very well be somewhat predictable. We’re getting an assortment of the concept model design and some right parts obtained from the F-150 model. It was something to be anticipated because the F-150 can in fact be called an extension regarding the Atlas or actually an Atlas before its real production degree truck. It accomplishes the design in all amounts since it brings together both power and usefulness with the materials that are lightweight were introduced within the concept. We now have seen exactly how useful they might be on all the contemporary Ford cars so they really continue to be keeping with their idea that is original at point and are bringing it back here.
We’re getting a front fascia which adds a grille that is rectangular is very wind resistant and really manages getting some aerodynamic specs towards the car. The double-deck front side lights are in reality a departure through the other Ford models and are a surprising entry because of this car since it brings one thing brand new and unique with this car. The roof is created out of glass and the trailer has wall plug of 110 V. The doorways have a big chrome mask of them and there are plenty of energy parts throughout the car making it that much useful.

2017 Ford Atlas Interior

The interior of this  is a 2017 Ford Atlasbit of a surprise. The newest model mixes up therefore brand new and great things and brings us a fantastic setup that individuals rather appreciate more than choosing a thing that already exists. The interior combines black and gray tones and has a driver’s seat which can be excessively confident with the soft leather-based wrappings. A  large touch-screen display graces the leading area of the cabin while in the back associated with front seats you will have making use of a touch-screens being for the folks in the back. This really is all aimed at bringing the activity passenger features to a high degree.

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Just what has also been updated on the inside is a large degree of safety. It nevertheless includes the conventional setup at base level us adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping system and blind-spot monitors as it offers. But there are news that state that a complete lot more equipment is going to be added. This will be aimed at some optional security features that are going to be given right here and a lot more equipment. But this really is all likely to be understood following the release date as Ford is keeping much of it a secret for the time being.

2017 Ford Atlas Engine

Some nice thing about it which regards the powertrain regarding the 2017 Ford Atlas is it’s going to have an equally powerful engine setup as every one of the Ford vehicles within the lineup. The Atlas is going to utilize a  5.0-liter V8 engine providing you with us with 360 horsepower and 380 pound-feet of torque. The drivetrain combines with a 6-speed automatic gearbox which additionally enables better fuel economy which goes well with the lightweight body associated with the car. This engine also offers great acceleration specifications since it is able to reach 0-60 miles per hour in 8.7 seconds, which is ideal for a truck. There’s been term or more engine choices but none except this one happens to be verified, which can make that one the bottom and we will see if there are going to be some optional ones.

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2017 Ford Atlas Prices

The release date because of this long awaited car is still far away, so we will have to endure a bit much more we finally obtain the 2017 Ford Atlas. The production version is a model we have all desired to see and use so it’s going to be released between mid-2017 and the subsequent area of the year. The starting price is also somewhat of a shock that we can get the car at  $21,000 as it appears. The Main competition is seen such cars as latest Toyota Tacoma and Dodge Ram 1500.