2017 Bentley Continental GT Release Date and Prices

2017 Bentley Continental GT Release Date and Prices – It is official due to the fact news who has recently strike the industry about a 2017 Bentley Continental GT version. The third generation is an anticipated model because it guarantees to alter the face area with this brand name in a larger way and is going to achieve this in a fashion that is great. The car happens to be given just a facelift during its existence that is whole once and it is no real surprise that all associated with the Bentleys seem much like one another.

The Continental GT brand name began its journey in 2003 whenever Bentley and Volkswagen AG began its coalition and managed to produce one of the more popular cars on industry and something that became a trademark for the industry. but with this stint that car produced two generation of models and no significant improvement except an updated V-8 engine and an interior change. The 2017 model is designed to change all that as this is the model that is first is likely to add new elements to the car and make it even more distinguishable from its earlier incarnations.


The fact is that for the 2016 there already is a Bentley Continental GT revision and perhaps the Bentley that is new Bentayga which is likely to be get most of the attention for itself which might lead to pressing the release date with this model a bit straight back. The car can come in the long run of next year perhaps nonetheless it is designed to start an entire door that is new Bentley cars that are likely to turn out. Exactly what is really already in plans will be the Flying Super sedan, GT Speed and the version that is convertible of Continental being also going to be issued.

You can still find things that are many give consideration to with regards to the 2017 Continental GT as there might be a lot of things that will be changed because of the look of the car until it reaches be released. But we been able to learn that the model is likely to be heavily based on the EXP 10 Speed 6 Concept that was released last year at the Geneva meeting. Read about all the updates right here in this review.


2017 Bentley Continental GT Exterior

The 2017 Bentley Continental GT is going to just take an extravagance direction. The designers have established just after the release associated with EXP 10 Speed 6 Concept that this model gets the future direction of luxury and performance written all over it, so they kind of an in a way indicated that this is their target and plan all along. This is actually a good point which we welcome and believe there is no better concept vehicle presently out there by which to base the long run Continental GT release.

Needless to say the production car is perhaps not likely to be built up since the concept is and is planning to follow a complete lot of changes which are planning to tone it straight down a bit. First, they should do that making it manufacture friendly and also the motor car will not need that much extravagance to it. This implies then changing the headlights and the design for the tires and eliminating all of the flamboyant parts that the concept had.


2017 Bentley Continental GT Interior

As for the within, we appear it shall alter a lot more than the outside. It is likely to be in line with the aforementioned concept model but we see it as entirely changed and renovated. The concept actually shares the dual-brow instrument panel design  and additionally  leather seats and door panels aided by the present Continental GT, but really a more trendy and higher level trim when compared with it. We believe that things are going to change in a way that is great but it would not be all bad in the event that trendy look reaches be held here.

Additionally some rumors that say that the Tesla Model S has the perfect setup which may help the 2017 Bentley Continental GT achieve greatness. Hence the car can borrow the  two-tier element on the dash,  complete digital measure group, the sportier three-spoke tyre  and assist the car produce more depth to it by adding the eye catching details that have been added.


2017 Bentley Continental GT Engine

There are numerous rumors on what exactly the 2017 Bentley Continental GT is likely to make use of as its power supply. Possibly the most part that is important of car is going to be the engine variation and exactly what gets to be plumped for will figure out the continuing future of the brand. You can find indications that the type of engine inside the Porsche Panamera which makes use of the brand new Porsche MSB platform is a sure choice here. It is certain that het twin-turbo that is 4.0-liter is still likely to be used but there are many opportunities that the car adds a 6.0-liter W-12 engine as well. Rumors may also be debating a plug-in hybrid option nonetheless it is very nearly sure something such as that is reserved for the Flying Spur model.


2017 Bentley Continental GT Release Date and Prices

The present Continental is priced at  $193,500 which only will leave the brand new 2017 Bentley Continental GT version with an increased price label which goes beyond the $200,000 mark. We assume that the late part of 2017 is the time that is right the best one once the car reaches be released.